PS3 Media Server and WD-TV

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PS3 Media Server and WD-TV

Postby micha019 » Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:05 am


First I use long time PS3 MEDIA Server with my PS3 and it works well.
I brought new a WD Media Player with modded Firmware and USB-Lan Adapter.
I can also use PS3 Media Server without a problem by using files that doesn't need mencoder like DIVX at my WD Media Player.
When I want to play files that needs mencoder like mkvs, the wd-tv doesn't play anything.
PS3 Media Server would be interessting with my WD because the WD Media player doesn't support DTS-Downmix.
So my idea was to use PS3 Media Player to decode DTS to AC3 on the fly to my WD Media Player.
Maybe someone can help me?
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