2 problems - MiniDV playback and thumbnails

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2 problems - MiniDV playback and thumbnails

Postby stelek » Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:09 pm

I bought a PS3 a week ago and been using PMS since then. I love it but I have two problems.

1) The files captured from my "old" MiniDV camcorder do not work. The PS3 says they are not supported. For me it seems like the PS3 simply does not support this kind of video (the files do not work from the USB stick either) and PMS is not trying to transcode them. Seems like this transcoding is missing. Is this a bug or am I missing something? BTW - the video type reported by PMS is "dvvideo".

2) The files captured from my "new" AVCHD camcorder do not show thumbnails. I tried with and without mplayer and no success. The problem here is that mplayer does not play the files from my camcorder at all (outside PSM) unless I specify some additional options ("-fps 50" to be exact) and I have no way to add this option in PMS. For now I generated the thumbnails using "ffmpegthumbnailer" and it works fine but maybe it would be useful to allow the user to specify some "custom" thumbnailer - prefferably a different one for each file format.

I'm running on Linux, Ubuntu 9.04.
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