Using PS3 MS to copy instead of streaming - got problem!

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Using PS3 MS to copy instead of streaming - got problem!

Postby 4four » Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:01 pm


I got a PS3 fw2.80, 1.10.51 version of MS, and I don't use for streaming because it's to slow. So I copy instead, which - sometimes - is quite fast.

By sometimes, I mean, that for example now, I boot up PS3, launch media server, get to the file (a avi/mpeg) select copy, but it doesn't begin copyin, and sometimes the PS3 comes up with a error, a DLNA error: 2101 and 7522, or just gets thrown off... What am I doing wrong?? Sometimes it just works perfectly!

I connect to the net via a basic broadband-modem, that came with the broadband from the ISP, which is then hooked up to a Fast Ethernet Switch, which the PS3 and PC is connected to. I got Gigabit lan on this ASUS-motherboard, but don't know if thats any good...

Please, HELP!
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Re: Using PS3 MS to copy instead of streaming - got problem!

Postby lettcco » Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:43 am

I can't answer the DLNA error 2101, and 7522 but I can tell you this:
if you want gigabit connection between 2 PC (or PS3), the path between the unit must be able to support gigabit speed.
From your description, your modem is doing the routing (IP assigning) and the Fast ethernet switch is in between the path of your ps3 and PC. Both your PC and PS3 supports gigabit speed, however Fast ethernet by definition is 100base (100mbit/s), so if you want gigabit speed, you need to replace your fast ethernet switch. Also make sure the cables are cat 5e or cat 6.

Though I have to warn you that people are having problem of actually achieving gigabit speed with ps3. ... 476&page=2 ... id=2804138
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