Streaming XVID 1.0.1 issues

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Streaming XVID 1.0.1 issues

Postby Subject2Change » Sun Feb 01, 2009 6:30 am

So far I have absolutely little to no trouble with PS3 Media Server compared to often hours of trouble shooting with TVersity, however I am having an issue playing back an XVID 1.0.1 Encoded file. I get a Data not supported message when I copy it over to my PS3 and streaming it I get the same thing. Haven't had any issues with any later XVID builds and the audio is standard MP3. Any ideas? Thx in advance. Also does the file does not show up in the ##Transcoded## folder either.

Edit- Made another folder and moved the file in there, forced the transcode from that folder and it worked. Just seems odd that i'd need to transcode only XVID 1.0.1 while other builds work fine.
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