Newbie to this FORUM... please Help

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Newbie to this FORUM... please Help

Postby swiftgate » Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:11 pm

hi everyone
I have got followings
1. Panasonic Plasma TH-42PZ85B 42" Widescreen 1080p Full HD Plasma TV - 100 Hz (1080p with 3 hdmi and PC Connection)
2. Panasonic SC-PT870EB-K 5.1Ch Home Cinema System (DTS Sound capable with optical input which is connected to PS3)
3. SONY PS3 80 GB
4. Computer P4 (not great spec - just a basic - never used for movies purpose rather just for browsing on the big screen)

Now could anyone please guide me as how can I harness the stuff I already have and what else do I need. I bought all this stuff brand new and besides computer the rest is only one year old. I am new to this idea ... I thought the PS3 is only gaming or may be a bit browsing as well or can be used as a bluray player.

What else can I do with these things, I still need to know.

Please write your response considering I am not a geek but would love to learn. I am willing to buy the new computer with the required specs which could play the 1080hd movies on my tv with the best possible sound.

This will not only help me but lots of others who want to learn

I am looking forward to hear from you guys

Thanks ever so much
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Re: Newbie to this FORUM... please Help

Postby Mantar » Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:07 pm

Hey swift welcome to the forums

Are you looking to install and configure PS3 Media Server for your setup? If you do, we can help you get the software installed and running. Head over to the main page download 10.51 install it and come back with any configuration questions you might have.

If you need some basic knowledge of what is out in the wild, you might want to check
out the AVS forums over at

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Re: Newbie to this FORUM... please Help

Postby otmanix » Thu Aug 13, 2009 6:31 pm

read howto:, test PMS yourself and then come back to this forum and ask your questions...
I provide NO application support via PM, so please post your question to the forum.
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