Newbie m2ts / vob / transcoding / remuxing questions

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Newbie m2ts / vob / transcoding / remuxing questions

Postby Shai-Hulud » Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:33 am

Hi, I am still fiddeling around with options / features offered as well as trying to solve issues that I am having using the media server properly.

So, I have successfully managed to install it and get it running on my Atom based Windows Home Server. I did set it up running as a server and this runs just fine. When I watch standard mpg/divx (not through Transcode virtual menu), everything runs flawlessly. I can jump, fast forward, reverse etc.pp. However with m2ts / vob / transcoding and remuxing I seem to have a couple of issues that I am seeking help for - or pointers to guides / descriptions that shed some light on these beasts as I haven't been particularly in touch with earlier.

I did make sure to install the latest ffdshow, AviSynth etc. Every encoding engine seems to be installed and settings are left more or less at standard

Here we go

1. m2ts audio and remuxing
I did make sure to TsRemux all m2ts that have HD audio in them to extract the core DTS/AC3 in order to make sure that PS3 / my receiver can actually play audio (I do not have an HD receiver, nor HDMI in use at the moment). So I copied those remuxed m2ts to the WHS and fired up the PS3. When I select either m2ts picture comes out fine, but I have zero audio. When I go to the transcode directory and select either mencoder / tsmuxer audio streams, I get audio but am completely unable to ff / rev with more than 1.5 seek speed, not to mention that jumping does not work. Unfortunately the chapter feature of one of the latest betas does not work either. Is seeking that much relying on server performance or is this related to other settings / issues?

2. m2ts / vob audio
Is there any way to run the plain m2ts / vob (not some virtual entry within transcode) and have it play a predefined (language) audio stream? With VOB I need to go to the transcode to pick the proper audio, too, resulting in the same seek problems outlined above

Thanks a lot for your help in advance

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