WMV streaming issues

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WMV streaming issues

Postby Morb » Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:44 pm


Let me say first that only WMV is giving me problems.
MKV’s and other containers work fine.
I’m using a PS3 btw.

When trying to look at a movie in WMV format, I have to go into the transcoding folder or else I don’t have any audio. (Which is normal I understand due to the dts streaming…)
But here’s the problem: the video and audio never syncs correctly!
Any ideas on what this can be linked? Any suggestions?

This can't be a performance issue..
My system

Intel Core 2 duo 3 ghz, OC'd @ 3.5
4 gb DDR2 ram
network is set on 100mb unfortunately.
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