some video files still have bad a/v sync on xbox 360

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some video files still have bad a/v sync on xbox 360

Postby nisswa789 » Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:46 am

on build 1.11.356 some video files still have bad a/v sync on ac3 audio (think that's the only kind i have problems with, will update if any more come up) trying everything even tried the new ac3 filter but no change some files have bad a/v sync in the first 5 min of the movie and the others have no a\v sync problems on but play fine no matter what on my PC

my computer specs are: AMD phenom 96000 quad-core processor 2.31 GHz (each core i think) and 3GBs of RAM. using XP pro SP 3 as OS and a NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT as a graphics card.
the network connection i am using is a Ethernet 100Mbits (my top speed is Speed(Down/Up): 3424 / 512 Kbps may not be that fast but it is the best i can get)

i am using coreavc with ffdshow audio decoder. i am also using a xbox 360

will post debug log hope it helps you fix the bug please tell me if you need any more info to help
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