VC-1 1080p Transcoding - Help / Advice Sought

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VC-1 1080p Transcoding - Help / Advice Sought

Postby enzeder » Sat Jan 31, 2009 5:35 am

After a bit of google searching and trial and error I eventually got VC-1 transcoding to work. The solution on my Vista system was to download a copy of wvc1dmod.dll and copy into the win32/codecs directory.
First off can someone confirm that this is what you must do or have I missed something somewhere, I have FFDshow installed and tried enabling both libavcodec and WMV9 under VC-1 codecs prior to this and didn't have any luck which I thought was odd.

Second issue is that I appear to not have enough CPU grunt to transcode a 1080p rip (eg the movie 300 on bluray), as I get stuttering, I noted that if I paused the movie and waited for the buffer to fill up it gradually wound down and went it got to empty the stuttering started. The network is all wired gigbyte ps3/router/network connection on pc hence my guess that it is a cpu issue.

For those that have had success at doing this type of transcode what sort of CPU do you have. I currently have a basic core duo 6420 (2.13ghz).

Before I commit to upgrading the CPU would like some affirmation that I will be successful, and whether I just need a faster Duo or instead I require a quad core

Many thanks for any advice.

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Re: VC-1 1080p Transcoding - Help / Advice Sought

Postby quepaso » Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:11 am

Happens to me the same and i have a 3.0ghz dual core. Sometimes mencoder works properly and doesnt stutter, sometimes it does. You also need to make sure its a blu-ray vc-1 stream, hd dvd vc-1 streams do not work properly regardless of anyhing you try.
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