[X360] A/V sync issues only when transcoding files with AC3

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[X360] A/V sync issues only when transcoding files with AC3

Postby whitefrt » Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:36 am

Core Duo2 2.6ghz, 4gb mem, XBOX 360 connected through 100mbit Ethernet.

First of all great product, I am happily using it to transcode most files flawlessly.

I am able to transcode most XVID/DIVX files without any problem but I have noticed that xvid/divx files where the audio is AC3 encoded have a/v sync issues that get worse as the movie plays (after around 15 minutes it's very very noticeable), I have the exact same problem transcoding MKV files (after 15 mins watching the movie it's too much out of sync).
This happens both with mencoder and avisynth/mencoder

I've seen many people post the same issue but without any clear solution mostly for MKV related problems, does anyone have the same problem with AC3 encoded xvids too?

The way I fixed it with MKV files was just convert them to "xbox ready" AVI files, which is obviously not the best solution but ps3mediaserver seems much more comfortable playing them (no sync issues at all).

I have yet to find such a solution for AC3 encoded xvid/divxs, I think it can be solved by playing with mencoder's options, any ideas?
Could this be the same problem with AC3 encoded audio for movies? Seems like everything that is AC3 encoded (xvid,MKV) has A/V sync issues on X360.

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Re: [X360] A/V sync issues only when transcoding files with AC3

Postby shagrath » Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:20 pm

it should be fixed in the current trunk, I will post a beta version later
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