"Safe" version works but regular does not

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"Safe" version works but regular does not

Postby daveh » Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:14 pm

When I start the media server either as a service or by using the desktop icon that the installer put there it does not communicate with my PS3 most of the time. If I start it using the DOS batch file PMS.BAT it works fine.

Windows XP SP3
Java run-time R6 Update 1
PS3 -> 802.11G wireless connection
Router = D-Link DI-524
PC -> Wired connection to router

Resolution Attempts:
Verified Windows firewall is turned off
Verified that router firewall is letting UDP and TCP traffic through on port 5001
Verified the router firewall is letting SSDP traffic through on TCP port 5000, and UDP port 1900
Verified that PS3 can connect to the Internet
Verified that I can ping the PS3 from the PC
Checked status tab in media server and it reports nothing unusual
Checked log file in media server folder for any protocol or java errors - none reported.

I suspect that maybe it has something to do with the UseIPV4 command line option passed in from the batch file. Can anyone confirm this or advise on what I should do so that I can run the media server as a service rather than a desktop application?
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