DTS not streaming, bad a/v sync

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DTS not streaming, bad a/v sync

Postby cjbrown80 » Sun Jul 12, 2009 5:11 pm

Hey all,
I'm new here. Just started using PS3ms about two weeks ago. I'm running a WHSpp2 with a Q6600 and 4GB ram with PS3ms v1.10.51.
The PS3 has the newest firmware and it's all connected on a gigabit network, hardwired. I love this software and I want to keep using it for all of my "media-streaming needs" but so many of the blu-ray images I've backed up (and tsMuxed into .m2ts files) are using DTS and I can't quite get them to stream happily. Any files MPG2 or H.264 with Dolby stream fine without transcoding, VC1 needs transcoding and anything LPCM or DTS needs transcoding also (which I assume is the way it's supposed to work). The problem occurs with any files with DTS. I use the MEncoder transcode engine, audio and video streams start okay but after no more than two minutes into the file, the audio gets way ahead of the video. I don't think it's a buffer problem. I do have the AviSynth engine installed also but I'm not familiar with scripting for it. I tried the "Keep DTS audio in stream" and "DTS/FLAC -> LPCM remux" settings but they just result in the static noise. Is there some setting I'm not getting right? My PS3 is connected to my HK AVR-354 receiver (which can handle anything) via HDMI but I do have a TOSlink cable also. Any information would be helpful and greatly appreciated, and many praises to the creators of this application.

*I just tried to add my debug.log file and it's about 87MB. Is that right? Seems huge for a log file. I think it's too big to post, but I can take a clip of it if needed. Thanks again.

**Also, I did set the PS3 volume to 0 and L+R, before you ask.
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