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Re: CAT5 PC to PS3

Postby ExSport » Sun Jul 05, 2009 11:21 am

ps3 and pc are working PERFECTLY fine with a cat5 cable (no it's not a crossover).

Do you know what is crossover? It is as you said CAT5 cable ;)
There are two types of CATx cabling(depending on termination of these cables):
- crossover
- straight-through
Modern network cards/switches supports Automatic MDI/MDI-X so in other words you can use any CAT cable and it will work.
So maybe you are not using crossover, maybe it is straight-through cable but it is CATx cabling ;)
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Re: CAT5 PC to PS3

Postby zomgheals » Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:55 am

yeah.. its auto,

but i didnt go out and buy a crossover cable

i know what they are,

Some of the wires are switched on other end.

i was refering to no it is NOT a crossover cable, it's a standard cable.
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Re: CAT5 PC to PS3

Postby -m- » Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:55 pm

otmanix wrote:@ exsport
Your explanation was easier to understund than mine. I agree to you, that if changing router isn't possible buying a (second hand 10/100 Mbit/s) switch will be best solution. It's cheap and will solve the broken connection problem.

@ zomgheals
I assume that the router is DHCP-Server and DNS-proxy. DNS is only needed for internet traffic and a router breakdown will only affect internet connection.
When this router is down for a long time (longer than DHCP leasetime) you may get communication problems between PC and PS3. If DHCP-lease cannot be renewed the IP address of your PC and PS3 isn't valid anymore.
In that case you can solve the problem by manually setting up IP address, network mask, gateway and DNS on your PC and PS3. You have to avoid duplicate IP adresses. Don't use IPs from the dynamic range of your DHCP. The IPs of PS3 and Pc have to be in the same subnet as your gateway (router).

more infos about DHCP and lease time:

otmanix, i think i could really use your help. i posted another thread on here about getting my pc and ps3 hard wired together. my router is dhcp and i have a cat6 crossover cable. a couple of people have tried helping and it's still not working.

here's the thread.


sorry if i derail, but maybe this will help some other people. i've been struggling with getting my media server setup for days and am beyond frustrated. i'm not a "tech guy" obviously and most of this is just over my head. all i wanna do is view comics, books (cbr/cbz format - it ROCKS), and stream music and media from my laptop through my ps3 without any lag or problems. that's all i want. i didn't realize i needed to be an mcse to pull this off. lol. :D
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