Creating Playlists (Audio & Video)

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Creating Playlists (Audio & Video)

Postby jharry » Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:10 pm

Hello everyone, this is my first post here.

First and foremost, this has to be the best media server for the PS3 out there, so a big shoutout to everyone who made this possible.

For making playlists that PMS can read (both audio and video)

1. Use any media player which supports .m3u and .pls formats, I use Media Player Classic and make a playlist. Save that anywhere on the PC (media server). Pref a folder called "playlists", which then you will share.
2. Open the file using notepad. You will see the files that you have selected for the playlist. Look at the path and make sure it is the UNC path for the file in the playlist. (UNC path can be determined by navigating to the file through "My Network Places". If they are not using the UNC path you can do a search and replace with the correct path using notepad.

Note: These playlists are not self updating, so if you remove the file on the server you will need to update the .m3u/.pls file to match. When you update the .m3u files, for some reason they will dissappear from the PS3 MS. The only fix I found for this was to restart my pc. But I think you can achieve the same by restarting the HTTP server.

All mp3's stream and all video formats I've tried work .avi/.mp4/mpeg/xvid.

Thanks to uridium and firecrow911 from avforums.
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