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PS3MS issues/queries

Postby duckson » Thu Jun 25, 2009 1:19 pm

Relative newbie at this Media sharing so some questions i've got that i've gathered into the points below to make answering easier, can you confirm/answer the following please;

1. remux = just a container type change to something PS3 recognises (eg MKV to mpg) hence fast and hence easy to do on the fly.

2. transcode = change to another video type hence takes many minutes/hours.

3. Using the "TRANSCODE" folder on the PS3 you pick MEncoder for example, the video is then converted (transcoded or remuxed) and buffered in PS3MS on the fly and played on TV via PS3. Just navigating to a video file in the normal file structure on PS3 it sometimes says [MEncoder] at end of file but wont always be recognised when attempting to play, plays ok via MEncoder in Transcode folder this normal? Does the [MEncoder] at end of file just a marker to say play it via the TRANSCODE folder or is it meaning it will be transcoded via MEncoder on playing?

4. Tried some 1080p trailers via PS3MS but stutters to much, mbps viewed via "select" button on PS3 was going up to 100mbit+ at times.....guess this is normal for 1080p, this must be due to my network connection although it was converting on the fly and although the buffer in PS3MS seemed lowish my CPU was only at ~80-85% so not totally maxed out. This was sent via 85mbps rated homeplugs but via ethernet direct into the router (PS3 is wired direct to router using supplied ethernet cable) it improved slightly but not so much it could be played anywhere near smoothly. So not 100% sure if my laptop cant convert it (transcode) it on the fly quick enough or its my network or both....i'm guessing its network speed related though (see network speed in number 5 below)

5. Using "COPY" function in PS3 to transfer 70Mb video file from laptop to PS3 HDD (both using ethernet) i timed (stopwatch!) the following;
Via 85Mbps rated homeplugs = 45secs = ~1.56Mb/s = ~12.44Mbits
Via ethernet cable direct into router (100Mbps) = 17secs = ~4.12Mb/s = ~32.94Mbits
Do these numbers especially the direct connections to my router (only 100mbit rated, laptop and PS3 are gigabit) sound normal?
Or is this type of file transfer test and timing using a stopwatch not a viable test, if so what test would you suggest?

6. There is a load of options in PS3MS to reduce the quality of the video output which when tested did reduce the quality of picture and mbps rate, not sure if this reduces everything to this standard or just a video which is to large to play? Could someone confirm this please, i suspect the former!
If thats the case i might as well have it on the best setting for SD DVD/720p stuff which so far i can play fine and dont try and play 1080p stuff if everything is downgraded.

7. What does setting the available bandwidth option really do in PS3MS, if i set it at say 15mbps will it downgrade (transcode) the video to make sure it plays at 15mbps or under when the video being played might be well over this bitrate cap?

For info my laptop is a HP HDX, ~2.1GHz Core2Duo, 3Gb RAM, Vista 64bit.
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Re: PS3MS issues/queries

Postby meskibob » Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:17 pm

1 & 2) essentially correct

3) Do you have the "Automatically remux if video is compatible and no subtitles..." checkbox checked under the Common Transcode settings? The marker at the end of the video in the main directory indicates that the default transcode engine will be used. If it works when forcing MEncoder via the #Transcode# folder, the default is probably trying switch over to TSmuxer and then failing. But the debug.log file would confirm this or whatever else is going on.

a) don't trust the bitrate provided by the PS3 when the file is stuttering, it is wrong
b) Rules of thumb: If you have an increasing transcode buffer while the video is stuttering, your network is limiting. If it's decreasing or empty, your CPU is limiting.

5) Gets you some ballpark transfer rates, although 70mb may be too small to really see your max sustained transfer rate. Also, make sure that when you're copying it's with a PS3 compatible file so there are no transcoding limitations. You can get more exact numbers using a network monitor.

6) viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2543&p=10793 gives a pretty good explanation of the three parameters

7) It will change the processor load to try and keep the output file in the available bandwidth. Lower available bandwidth means higher CPU load.

A lot of these have been asked and answered on the forum already, so next time do some more searching. Also, take at look at some of the tutorials in the following thread for some more explantions of the various workings/options: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2191
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