Issue with Overscan and -vf expand

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Issue with Overscan and -vf expand

Postby wedge11383 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:37 am

I have a Sony KDS-55a2000 LCoS hdtv. Subtitles are cut off on the bottom so I used the -vf expand=-60:-60:30:30 custom option in mencoder that was suggested a while ago. This fixes the issue but leaves me with borders on all sides of picture. I was able to get video to fill the entire screen with no sub cut off by changing it to -vf expand=-60:-40:15:15. My concern though is how that affects the aspect ratio of the video, if at all. I tried searching in these forums and online but am unable to wrap my head around how exactly the -vf expand option works. Any guidance would be supremely appreciated.

Pertinent info:
Core2Duo E6600(OC to 3.06GHZ), 2GB Ram, ver: 1.11.345
Gigabit ethernet connection
Using mencoder engine

I'd also like to say how pleased I am with this software and its support. It solved many frustrations I had with other streaming solutions.
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Re: Issue with Overscan and -vf expand

Postby wedge11383 » Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:03 am

I was able to figure out how the -vf expand works. Using -vf expand=0:-30:24:14 fixes video that had cut off picture and subs. The problem is using it breaks playback of h264 1920X1080 content using mencoder and avisynth/mencoder.

If I enable the deinterlace filter on the mencoder transcoding settings, choosing mencoder plays back h264 1920x1080 content fine but doesn't adjust picture/sub cutoff on the files that I was having issues with. Using avisynth/mencoder, won't playback 1920x1080 content but will play other files and adjust them for the sub/picture cutoff as long as the deinterlace filter is on.

I don't understand why this is at all. Any ideas.
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