XBox 360 - Thanks and some questions

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XBox 360 - Thanks and some questions

Postby NaweG » Sun Jun 21, 2009 7:47 pm

First, a HUGE THANK YOU for supporting the XBox 360 with this package. I had tried Tversity and some other software, and this was the first package that actually works with my subtitled MKV files and the 360. Installation on my one machine was a breeze, and it was SO much fun to actually watch one of my anime on the big screen for a change.

OK, so now the questions :D

It appears the image is being overscanned - i.e. that I appear to be losing a bit of the top and bottom of the image. Since this is being transcoded, is that a parameter I need to give somewhere to make sure the picture size is correct, or is it a 360 issue, or is it...

The other question - I was thinking of setting up my other computer to serve some other files I have, but I had once upon a time tried to do that with Vista Media Center on that computer, and I can't seem to convince the XBox 360 to stop looking at the Media Center side. At least I assume that's why it can't see the other computer even though I've made sure it's ports are unblocked. Or is the problem that it doesn't expect to be able to see two instances of PMS?

Thanks again for a GREAT product!
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