XBOX360 vs PS3: Wireless, network utilization, stutter, PS3

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XBOX360 vs PS3: Wireless, network utilization, stutter, PS3

Postby vanxman » Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:01 pm

Hi everyone...

PS3 Media Server = AWESOME! Thanks for all the hard work for all involved...

BUT... (and this may be a long one)

I have an XBMC XBOX 1, XBOX360 and PS3 in my entertainment center, all cabled to a 4-port switch, which in turn is cabled into a wireless 11g bridge. My PC and 11g router is 1 floor directly above from my entertainment center. Wife wants me to get reduce of the number of boxes at the TV, so XBOX 1 apparently has to go...

I have done some network performance checks, and I get an average of about 18-20Mbps over the wireless (to a laptop wired to the 4-port switch) by simply copying a 2GB file. Simple check using NetStat Live on PC and Laptop.

I want to use my PS3 (less noisy than XBOX360) and PS3 Media Server as my streaming solution.

With that said:
* On-line gaming on all 3 consoles = fine, with the occasional expected lag.
* Streaming to my XBMC XBOX 1 = super fine!!! (using SAMBA shares)
* Streaming to my XBOX360 = fine. Forward/backward, skip, search is not rocket-fast, but works.
* Streaming to my PS3 = NOT SO FINE... Constant stuttering. Pause and play works for a couple of seconds, then stutters again. Each forward/backward, skip, search takes about 30-45 seconds to come back.

* This is not HD quality stuff, but simple DVD-rip levels (350MB series, 720MB movies). No transcoding done either.
* Network utilization is around 8-10Mbps while streaming to PS3 or XBOX360, measured with NetStat Live on the PC.
* Only one of the XBOX360 or PS3 is switched on for any specific test...
* In all cases, the dual-core, 3Ghz, 2GB RAM PC is not taking a beating. Maybe some 40-60% CPU usage spikes at start, but nothing more.
* Streaming to the PS3 stutters using Tversity, Fuppes, XBMC (for Windows), etc. as well.

So, all-in-all, WIRELESS PS3 streaming SUX for me. The PC is not being hammered, the wireless network is not over-extended, the files are nothing special, it's watchable via wireless on the XBOX360, but it stutters on the PS3. Same PC, same file, same set-up. UGH!

Could this be a PS3 issue with wireless? I found the following interesting link: ... -is-jerky/


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Re: XBOX360 vs PS3: Wireless, network utilization, stutter, PS3

Postby meskibob » Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:27 pm

Need more info: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=496 (specifically the debug.log)
Should also post the MediaInfo for one of the files that's stuttering
What are your settings under the "Common Transcode" settings (specifically Max Bandwidth and Video Quality settings)?

In general the "PS3 Wireless" issues have been specifically with the PS3's wifi NIC, but your wired to a network bridge so this shouldn't be an issue.
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