Don't seems to transcode mpga audio muxed into an avi file.

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Don't seems to transcode mpga audio muxed into an avi file.

Postby pingoochan » Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:04 am

Hey guys,

First of all, i'm kinda happy to join the community ;-)
Well well, i got some issues with your wonderfull PS3 Server:

When i try to lunch an avi file with an Xvid video and a mpga audio file, the audio won't play.
Is there a way to force transcode when the server detect an unusual file format into a movie container (by file container i mean avi, mkv, and so on) ?

By the way, i'm using Vista 32bit PS2, hope it help you guys a bit.

Your awnser could be in french, as a french speaker, I'm more use to it (^-^)
But, english would do

Thanks again, and have a nice walk on the almighty WWW
Your most humble and most obliged member. :lol:

Ow! I almost forgot to tell you :
When the server transcode some weird mkv files, the audio might be out of sync...
It's funny indeed, because when i tried to convert them a few days ago with mencoder, the ones who where "out of sync", played like a charm on your server.
Meanwhile, the others won't play correctly on your server, but when i intent to convert them with a video transcoder using mencoder, the audio and video match perfectly.
Odd, weird... I'm sick of all this nonsense (joke... not funny I'm afraid... ^^^)! Seriously, it might be possible to keep sync...
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