1080p stuttering on transcode after migration to Windows 7

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1080p stuttering on transcode after migration to Windows 7

Postby maitairoa » Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:43 pm

Some months ago i installed PMS on a fairly decent machine (VAIO P8400 2.26GHz, 3Gb RAM, 320 gig disk 7200 rpm running on Vista SP1) and everything i threw into it transcoded flawlessy - even pretty complex 1080p movies like King Kong had no trouble being transcoded without a glitch, even with the multithreading option ticked off in mencoder.

Last week I migrated to W7 and serious stuttering began on all 1080p movies under Mencoder. 720p files work well, but anything higher resolution imposes a heavy load on the processor (90-100% load most of the time), making 1080p files totally unwatchable.

scaling back to Vista solved the problem...sincerely i'd rather have Vista and a working PMS than W7 and a crippled PMS, since this has become the most important piece of software on my computer after MSOffice...:)

any ideas why this might have happened?
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