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Streaming Problems

Postby zmoney09 » Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:25 am

Ok so i have downlaoded and installed the psms and everything looks good. i am connecting over wifi to my xbox 360 b/c my ps3 was broken by one of my roommates. I am trying to watch a bunch of foreign films which have subtitles and am having a hard time getting the subtitles to work. Then once i was able to finally get the transcoder to pick up the subtitles and the file names all said external subtitles next to them my xbox wont open any of the files. I am just trying to watch a couple of movies through my giant television and get the subtitles to work. if anybody can give me a step by step guide i would be greatly thankful. I know i'm a n00blet you dont have to tell me. Thanks
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