[SOLVED] avisynth vsfilter subtitles different encoding.

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[SOLVED] avisynth vsfilter subtitles different encoding.

Postby psebos » Tue May 26, 2009 1:27 pm


I have installed avisynth with coreavc and CCCP codecs and everything seem to work fine.
When I try to add foreign subtitles (greek) I get the subtitles to show not in the correct encoding.

When use the mplayer video file engine I can change the subtitles codepage from the setup.
How do I do a similar thing for the avisynth/vsfilter?

I forgot to mention that when using locally the mpc or zoom player the subtitles appear in the correct encoding. The problem appears only in the PS3 when going through the the PSM

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Re: avisynth vsfilter subtitles different encoding.

Postby shagrath » Tue May 26, 2009 7:23 pm

mmm don't know

you can try to load an avisynth script into your mpc (movie.avs for example):

Code: Select all

and see if the correct encoding is displayed (that's what the server is doing)
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Re: avisynth vsfilter subtitles different encoding.

Postby psebos » Sun May 31, 2009 3:21 am

Hi thanks for the reply. I still see the text in the wrong encoding. However I found this:
http://avisynth.org.ru/docs/english/externalfilters/vsfilter.htm which the the manual of vsfilter.dll

NOTE: I have copied the CCCP version of vsfilter.dll in the avisynth plugins directory (which was not mentioned in the readme)

and it mentions: To override the default style you can use a second file named e.g. "your_file.ssa.style" (the first file + ".style") which must be in SSA or ASS syntax an contains only formatting information (makes only sense when NOT using SSA/ASS). Part of the formatting is the encoding.

So I need to add that one. Any idea how I can add it in the following script?
Code: Select all
#AviSynth script is now fully customisable !
#You must use the following variables ("clip" being the avisynth variable of the movie):
#<movie>: insert the complete DirectShowSource instruction [ clip=DirectShowSource(movie, convertfps) ]
#<sub>: insert the complete TextSub/VobSub instruction if there's any detected srt/sub/idx/ass subtitle file
#<moviefilename>: variable of the movie filename, if you want to do all this by yourself
#Be careful, the custom script MUST return the clip object
return clip

Thanks again!
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Re: avisynth vsfilter subtitles different encoding.

Postby psebos » Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:49 am


Description: The main problem is that when using avisynth, it uses the vsfilter.dll as a plugin and the settings of the font/size etc of the subtitles cannot be set of some type of user interface. Also when the subtitles are not in unicode format somehow it is needed to be specified that it is greek or whatever encoding. There are two solutions:

1. change the encoding within the .srt file using the documentation of http://avisynth.org.ru/docs/english/externalfilters/vsfilter.htm.

2. use this post http://www.videohelp.com/forum/archive/easteurupe-character-endoing-t364257.html and:
In Windows go to the Control Panel and then go to Regional and Language Options. Go to Advanced and where it says "Select a language to match the language version of the non-Unicode programs you want to use:", select Polish.

Now all subtitles should be shown properly in the correct encoding.

Thanks for your replies and thanks from the great piece of software!!!!!!
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