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Re: Subtitles Help

Postby frank_jarle » Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:31 pm

Thanks to both of you, i gave it a try with the following setting: no,off;nor,off;en,no;eng,nor;en,en;eng,eng;en,off;eng,off;*,off

But again, no go :-(
Can you guys confirm that you manage to get subtitle on the stream or even from the #transcoded#

I have the following information from the VOB-rip i did:

0x22 - Subtitle - English - [SubPicture 03: Normal] / LBA: 157 / PTS: 00:00:01.840 / Delay: 1560ms
0x27 - Subtitle - Norsk - [SubPicture 08: Normal] / LBA: 264 / PTS: 00:00:02.040 / Delay: 1760ms
0x81 - Audio - AC3 / 6ch / 48kHz / DRC / English / LBA: 7 / PTS: 00:00:00.280 / Delay: 0ms

In addition i also have an IFO-file in the same folder, which seems not to do much.

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Re: Subtitles Help

Postby ExSport » Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:47 pm

An example:
You have ISO file of INDIANA_JONES or VIDEO_TS folder with all VOB and IFO files(complete extracted image).....only one title(MAIN movie) will be present for easy description.
On PS3 you will see something like this:
Code: Select all
     L--------------------[DVD ISO] VIDEO_TS {INDIANA_JONES} ---------------#TRANSCODE# --------------TITLE 2
                                       ||                                                               ||
                           Title 2 [MEncoder]     time                                                Title 2 [MEncoder]                         time
                                                                                                      MEncoder {audio:ac3 (5.1) en}              time
                                                                                                      MEncoder {audio:ac3 (5.1) en} {subs:en}    time
                                                                                                      MEncoder {audio:ac3 (5.1) en} {subs:dk}    time
                                                                                                      MEncoder {audio:ac3 (5.1) dk}              time
                                                                                                      MEncoder {audio:ac3 (5.1) dk} {subs:en}    time
                                                                                                      MEncoder {audio:ac3 (5.1) dk} {subs:dk}    time

If you choose "Title 2 [MEncoder]" then DVD will play with audio/subtitles depending on settings in PMS(audio/subs priority)
If you choose "MEncoder {audio:ac3 (5.1) en} {subs:dk}" then DVD will play with EN audio and DK subtitles.
This way it should work and it is working for me that way 8-)
But it is working that way only if you have functional image or complete VIDEO_TS folder, not only VOB files!!!!
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