PSM stops responding after being idle for "a while"

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PSM stops responding after being idle for "a while"

Postby jrothlis » Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:31 pm

Hi there,

First of all, thanks Shagrath for a fantastic piece of software. I've already "sold" it to a bunch of guys at work with PS3s, and they universally love it. Such an impressive piece of software! I particularly love the subtitles feature, as my girlfriend likes having them.

Anyway, my only issue is that PSM doesn't seem to "stay up" -- either running it while logged into my Windows box or as a service. By "not staying up", I mean that if I run PMS, I can connect from the PS3, play movies, etc. with no problems. However, if I leave PSM idle, the media server in PS3 is no longer there, and I have to stop and start PMS for the PS3 so see it again.

Ways of reproducing this:

- Shutting down the PS3 and turning it on again later
- Playing a game or doing anything else on the PS3

Both the above result in the media server on the PS3 just disappearing, and a scan won't find it. Only stopping and starting PMS will get things working again.

I am running PMS on Windows Server 2008.

Thanks very much, and if anyone has had this, and managed to get it sorted, I'd appreciate a hint!


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