Having some very strange problems...

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Having some very strange problems...

Postby ekimneems » Sun May 17, 2009 10:04 pm

Hey all! First of all, thanks for PMS - definitely the best streaming app out there!

I'm having a few issues that I just can't seem to fix. I've scoured the forums for help but nothing seems to match the problems I'm having.

1. PMS will randomly disappear from XMB. Restarting the app sometimes fixes this, and sometimes I have to reboot my router (restarting the app gives me PS3 not found error, but nothing in the log). I have an Actiontec with Verizon FiOS and I've heard it has a small NAT table and that can cause problems. I set up portforwarding for port 5001 to my PC and I've also tried changing the port. Any ideas? I was under the impression if you specify the port, the NAT table shouldn't really be giving me any problems as the forwarding is specified and not resolved using uPnP.

2. I have a season of a show that's in xvid, and the first 8 episodes worked perfectly. Now, the last 3 episodes basically just stall at the black screen with the "working" icon in the top right. If I copy the vid down to the PS3, it works but with a 30 second delay before opening. If I try to stream it to my 360, it plays it instantly but there is stuttering.

3. I'm having audio sync issues but only with movies with subtitles. It detects the subtitles fine, and the subtitles are synced with the audio but the audio isn't synced with the video. Is this a common issue?

Running a P4 3.0ghz with 2gb ram, 7200rpm drive, Win XP SP3 over 54mbit WiFi. Note: 90% of the time everything works great. I just have to restart the media server and/or the router every couple of days, plus the issues #2 and #3 that are specific to certain videos. Thanks so much!!
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