Stuttering without transcoding

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Stuttering without transcoding

Postby zexeta » Thu May 14, 2009 12:26 pm

Im trying to stream HD videos from my PC and its stuttering insanely. This is a new computer thats quad core, 4gb RAM, raptor HD using vista 64bit. I checked the bitrate while its playing and it basically seems anything over 10mbps it just starts stuttering. Both the PC and the PS3 are on a wired 100bps network so it should not be having problems with this. The transcoding buffer stays empty and i know the format doesnt need transcoded so i dont know what the problem is with this.

Also another weird thing about all of this is that .mkv movies that are being transcoded play without any stutter at all. I found that renaming my .mp4 files to .mkv and having them transcoded makes them play without stuttering but the fast forwarding is slow that way.
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