Strange issues with non-english file/directory names

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Strange issues with non-english file/directory names

Postby ihatetheinternet » Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:23 am

PS3MS have strange issues when trying to play files with Japanese filename or is in a Japanese named folder.

Files tested are .mp4 and .mkv with h264 as a video codec and AAC as an audio codec.
Files are played fine when they are named in English or are in an English named folder.
However when a file is named in Japanese or is in a Japanese named folder, strange issues occur.

For .mp4 files :
- Unable to play at all (shown "corrupted data")
For .mkv files :
- Both audio/video are transcoded when unnecessary

Note: same files are played fine without the need to transcode when renamed to English and/or moved to English named folder.

However, problems are gone when I change "Format" and "Location" to Japanese(Japan) in Windows Control Panel - "Regional and Language Options"
OS is Windows7 build6000
PS3MS is 1.10.51 (tried older versions down to 1.04 with same results)
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