Solution to (how to fix) DLNA protocol error 2104

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Re: Solution to (how to fix) DLNA protocol error 2104

Postby soscoming » Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:33 pm

Go to Services on Windows 7, to enable "UPnP Device Host" service. I also got this error, after I enable this service, it disappears.
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Re: Solution to (how to fix) DLNA protocol error 2104

Postby bazinga73 » Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:55 am

None of these seem to have fixed the issue I'm currently having when streaming audio across my LAN to PS3.

I have a slim PS3 on the latest firmware.
This is connected to my LAN (Virgin Media Superhub) via CAT5
To my LAN, I also have a QNAP TS412 NAS which is running Twonky Media Server

I am able to stream audio to other devices without any issues (over wired and wireless connection)
However, with PS3, I will randomly get DLNA Protocol Error # 2104.

Have tried placing PS3 in DMZ (not an ideal solution , as this wtill place my PS3 outside of the Firewall leaving it open to potential attack ) but this did not address the situation.
I have a gigbit LAN, so bandwidth should not be an issue (MTU settings are correct, and supported by both the PS3, the network and the NAS)

Running out of ideas, so any help would be useful.
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