How to feed video from Nobel Price web page

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How to feed video from Nobel Price web page

Postby earroyo » Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:59 am


Can someone pointme in the right direction. I am trying to include all the lecture videos from Nobel Price Web page
Check for instance

Thank you,

Elkin Arroyo-Negret
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Re: How to feed video from Nobel Price web page

Postby whome » Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:20 am

One solution is to take Windows MediaPlayer urls, they have both Flash and WMP plugin players. ... 1&player=2 ... &year=2008
mms:// ... tro_01.wmv

Create a static myownrss.xml with the mms links, you can give a local file in web.conf should work fine.
videofeed.Web,Nobel Prize=file:///C:/test/myownrss.xml

I have done several website to ps3ms rss converter utilities, I looked at the Nobel Prize webpages and would be very simple (from wmp based pages) to parse internal mms:// links. Atm I don't have time to create converter.

Source of the .asx page where I took the internal mms:// medialink.
Code: Select all
<asx version = "3.0">
  <title>Prize Lecture</title>
  <author>Nobel Web AB</author>
    <ref href="mms://"/>
    <title>Prize Lecture</title>
    <author>Nobel Web AB</author>

Flash player uses a proprietary Adobe rtmp:// streaming urls, so its usually a no-go. But they have a direct .mp4 links available, but it uses one-time md5 hashcode. This url renders a "I agree" web page and a direct download link. Here is an example, md5 hashcode changes on each page request. ... &width=450 ... 01_496.mp4

So here it is all the information someone needs to implement an automatic NobelPrizeToRSS converter :-)
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