Cannot choose audio stream for some MKVs.

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Cannot choose audio stream for some MKVs.

Postby snowsurfer » Wed Apr 22, 2009 1:28 pm

Hello there!

I have run in into a problem with some MKV files with several languages. Now, I know - and always use - the option of going into the Transcode folder and choosing the correct audio track and whatnot. But, I have run into a couple MKV files that do have the relevant audio tracks (I tested with GOM player and I can choose the different languages and it works perfectly), but there are no language options in the #transcode folder - just the file name. If I run it, it works, but in a language that I do not understand at all. :S

I have "eng" only set up in audio priority.

Would appreciate some help on this please, thanks a lot!
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