more processing power to stream interlaced video?

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more processing power to stream interlaced video?

Postby skro » Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:17 am


I've been successfully using PS3mediaserver for months, and love it.

I have used it mainly for .iso streaming from an HTPC (wired connection to ps3). However, last night I tried to play a .iso from a DVD of an older TV movie. This dvd has given me problems in the past when converting to h.264 because of interlacing issues, but I eventually got a decent h.264 file transcoded. I thought I wouldn't have any problems using ps3mediaserver with the .iso since it should be an exact copy of the dvd, but for some reason I get terrible stuttering when the camera pans (I "think" i can see the interlaced lines; but that may be biased by my previous transcoding with this dvd).

Anyway, the stuttering is apparent. I've never encountered this before, and I'm wondering if it has something to do with originally being an interlaced broadcast (quite crappy quality dvd; it should still be converted to progressive on the dvd, right?). Anyways, I also played directly from my dvd to compare and it was much smoother on the panning scenes. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Is it more CPU intensive for videos of this kind?

I have a Dual Core Intel CPU E5200
Windows Home Server

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