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Help for Optimum Settings

Postby jefter » Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:12 am

Hi everyone, I am really new to this stuff...(sorry for being a noob) anyways tried out Tversity and got :x . Then i tried out PS3 Media Server and i reckon its great!!! :D .
Ok, so this is my setup atm: using PMS Version 1.10.51

1) I'm using a laptop: Intel C2Duo P8600 2.26 Ghz, 3GB RAM (Not sure if its powerfull enough)
2) My PS3 is connected via ethernet onto my laptop, my router is a Dynalink RTA1320, i think its on a 100Mbit connection (Although, my laptop is in my bedroom, my Ps3 is in the living the distance is about 15 metres or ethernet wiring)
3) N/A: i dont really have issues on playback atm
4) Dont know too much about which engines are being used whilst transcoding

The reason for my post is this: All my videos play but there are certain cases where video files lag immensely, video can also get really grainy as well. I've been onto the PS3 website and checked out which video files the PS3 can play without PMS...but i dont understand it to my liking. For example, say i have 2 video files both say "xvid.avi" but when i try to stream it through my PS3 one of the files plays perfectly fine whereas the other file will be grainy and play without any sound. Sorry if i'm being so vague.

Btw i have the Klite codecs package installed on my laptop...i hope thats enough...

If you want more info...plz specify and i'll try to clarify it.
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Re: Help for Optimum Settings

Postby psik » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:02 pm

Hi Jefter,

You should play the file, or one of the files you are having trouble with, and then post the .debug file so that it can be analyze.
I know you have given a detail outline but make sure u havent missed anything: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=496

Cheers :)
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Re: Help for Optimum Settings

Postby jefter » Wed Apr 22, 2009 1:48 am

So when i play a particular file and i think that it is not playing properly do i supply the information that is under the "Traces" tab in PMS?

Oh btw, is it normal for a video to lag for the first 1-2 mins...when i check out PMS it takes a couple of mins to buffer up...during this time certain videos...especially the larger files...lag for a couple of minutes.

I got a few questions:

1) In PMS under the "Transcoding Settings" why are "AviSynth/FFmpeg" and "AviSynth/MEncoder" Video File Engines disabled? I can enable them but what is the benefit, if any?

2) It also states that "Engine in bold will be the priority one and will replace the original video", what if the "engine" in "bold" cannot transcode the file, does PMS move onto the next "engine" and attempt to play the file?

3) Under "general settings" in the "Transcoding Settings" tab, the default "Transcode buffer maximum size" is "400.0" megabytes, is there any benefit in changing this value to the maximum "600" megabytes?

Thanks in advance!
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