Subs won't load / no files shown in Transcode subfolder

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Subs won't load / no files shown in Transcode subfolder

Postby Dergon » Sat Feb 20, 2016 5:03 am


first things first: Streaming to PS3 with actual FW from Windows 10 64 PC with latest PMS - streaming mkvs and others.

Problem: If I want to view some mkvs, the srt subs with the same name in the same folder don't load automatically like they usual do and, what I usually use as workaround, in the transcode folder aren't any (!) files, means: I can't choose which renderer I want and which subs. This is a lil' bit annoying, since e.g. I, if everything fails, simply choose VLC as renderer, who does the job flawless on PC and usually if all other options fail on the PMS too.

This problem actually appears only on some files, others work well with the same config. And I don't know how and I'm especially confused that not even in the transcode folde, as written above, files are shown.

Another problem, maybe connected with this, is, that sometimes not all renderer work well and they report corrupted data - even if they, like a day ago, did their job just fine on the same file. For example: I got one mkv, that I could watch without having any problems - nowadays it always tells me: corrupted data, content cannot be played / not supported so on. Uninstall + install PMS, codec packs or VLC didn't make any difference.

Help would be appreciated, since I'm a little bit lost.
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