unable to play certain mp4 files through PMS

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unable to play certain mp4 files through PMS

Postby AviatorTim » Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:47 pm

I recently installed PS3 Media Server 1.90.1. It seems to be running fine except that it will not play some mp4 files (although some mp4's play just fine)

Here are the specification of an mp4 which DOES work:
frame width: 720
data rate: 918kbps
total bitrate: 1050kbps
frame rate: 29 frames/second

bit rate: 132kbps
channels: 2(stereo)
audio sample rate: 48kHz

One of the mp4 which will NOT play is:
frame width: [blank]
data rate: 1478kbps
total bitrate: 1606kbps
frame rate: [blank]

bit rate: 128kbps
channels: 2 (strereo)
audio sample rate: 24kHz

For the mp4's which don't work, the folder on the PS3 displays "Unsupported Data" for each file. When I click on the
#--TRANSCODE--#" folder, it lists all the episodes as s##e## episode name.mp4. When I pick an episode it says, "s##e## episode name.mp4 - [VLC Video]*
. But when I select that file, it just says "The data type is not supported" on a black and white screen.

I tried going under Transcoding Settings in PMS and switching the Video Files Engine and Web Video Streaming Engine from VLC Video to MEncoder Video. I get the same messages as the paragraph above except [MEncoder Video] appears in the bracket instead of [VLC Video] and the error message changes to "This content cannot be played (800288E1)"

I noticed that one mp4 that would not play with the VLC Video transcoder WILL play with the MEncoder transcoder. However, the remainder of the mp4 files that don't play, won't play with either transcoder.

Please help. I'm at a loss to understand why some mp4's are working while other don't.
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Re: unable to play certain mp4 files through PMS

Postby Gabmezza » Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:39 am

Hi.. Im having the same issues.. but it only started when i updated my PS3 to the latest update..

the Cenavia issue also bugs me..

is ths going to be and ongoing issue with PS3 to stop people streaming videos.

If it has something to do with copy rights, then theyhavent thought things through because most of my files are back ups of dvds that we put in to our media folder.

help would be great
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