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Error 80710736

Postby fandor » Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:41 pm


I hope I do not post a repeat, I am new to this did my best to search before posting. Hope you guys can help

- I stream from a Macmini osX 10.5.6, Wired 100BT, using PS3MS official 1.10.5
- Playing MPEG2, MKV without problems.

My problem is on MPEG4 files (H264) : the file on the local PS3 drive are working fine
but from PS3MS it start playing and just after few seconds I have on the top right side of the PS3 the following message :
"A network error has occurred"
and straight away this one in the middle of the screen "This content can not be played 800288D8"

it only does it with MPEG4 files , If I go into the transcode folder then they work ok.
The system is using Mencoder

Anyone has any idea why ? or any change I should do ?

Thanks a lot

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