Automated muxing? (v1.10.5)

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Automated muxing? (v1.10.5)

Postby tezster » Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:58 am

I love this program! :D

Just wanted a bit of clarification with regards to how the automated muxing is supposed to work for version 1.10.5. I have a few wmv files, some encoded with AVC, some VC-1, the audio component uses WMA. When played natively (no transcoding) - the ps3 plays the video properly, and as expected, there's no sound as WMA's aren't supported. When playing it via the #transcode folder -I've tried all 3 transcoding options- the video is still transcoded to mpeg2.

Perhaps I don't fully understand what the automated transcode/muxing is supposed to do, but with the new version, shouldn't the video now be 'muxed' and the audio 'transcoded'?

The reason I ask is I'm tryng to stream HD content as efficiently as possible while retaining a high video quality. I have a wired 100mbit connection, and when transcoding the mpeg2, the bitrate routinely 150+ Mbps i.e. the network can't quite keep up.
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