DLNA worked when PS3 was wireless, now wired, not working..

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DLNA worked when PS3 was wireless, now wired, not working..

Postby sinnedam » Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:02 am

Subject says it all. It worked flawlessly for a couple years when my PS3 was connected via WIFI. It would find my Windows 7 PC, and I was able to stream with no problems. I switched to a hard wire today, and suddenly it won't detect the windows media server.

* I can ping the PS3 from the server
* The PS3 does a successful internet test
* Internet apps like youtube and netflix work from the PS3
* I have rebooted both the PS3 and the Windows PC
* My Kindle fire has a DLNA app, that can see and access the Windows media server perfectly fine..wirelessly of course.

I am confused..please help! My next option unless someone else gives me a better one would be to factory default the PS3 SIGH..dont really want to do that. Any insight is appreciated.
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