MEncoder not working???

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MEncoder not working???

Postby Ramo » Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:29 am


I'm very new to PMS and not completely literate as yet with all of the terms and settings etc. I do however, tend to learn quickly and I have been able to troubleshoot some issues which has allowed me to install PMS and begin streaming on my XBOX360.

The issue I am having now appears to be with Mencoder. At first I thought it was with .mkv files, however I noticed that the same issue is happening with some Mp4's too. The common thing with the issue is that with each file that does not work, it has [Mencoder] at the end of the extention displayed on the Xbox.

Every file that does not have [Mencoder] on the extention works perfectly (no stuttering and audio working beautifully with the video). The files with [Mencoder] do not work at all. The xbox starts by saying it is opening the file but then says it does not support it or is unable to play it.

I have fiddled a little with the transcoding settings (general settings and that for Mencoder) based on some tips from browsing the web, however I am still experiencing the same issue and to be honest i'm not completly sure what i'm doing when checking and unchecking certain boxes within the settings tab.

I'm not at my computer now but i'm sure i'm running PMS 1.90.1 for windows 7.

I'm also wondering if anyone may know how I can play CDG files? I used to run Karaoke and my Fiance is a singer so I was hoping to be able to run CD+G files on the xbox360.

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Re: MEncoder not working???

Postby Ramo » Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:25 am

Update - I gave TSMuxer priority under the transcoding tab. This allowed the file to be recognised and it began playing the MKV files, however it was unwatchable. The Movie was stuttering every second. Any help?
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