No Subtitles with Samsung Blue Ray Player

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No Subtitles with Samsung Blue Ray Player

Postby DrDx » Tue Aug 05, 2014 7:50 pm

I have a Samsung BD-H5100 Blue Ray Player that I bought to replace my Seagate Theater. I have configured PMS to use external subtitle files and all my subtitles have the same name as their respective video file. When I play the file the title says there is an external Subtitle but it does not show up. The files are mp4, avi and mkv and the subtitles don't wok on any of them. If I turn off the use subtitles switch, the title still says it recognizes that there is an external subtitle file found. There is nothing in the setup of the Samsung that seems to prevent subtitles. I have one older mkv which has subtitles burned into it and it works which leads me to believe it is only external subtitles that do not work. Sinc that make sup 99% of al the files I have and I need subtitles, that leaves me in a bind. I have tried over a half dozin othe DLNA servers and all seem to have a problem with subtitles. The only one that does work is Serviio and if the subtitles are turned on, the pause and jump features don't work and if turned on, the subtitles work but I can't pause or jump the file. PMS is more like the Seagate which is why I like it and if I can get the subtitles to work would be wonderful. I do know that subtitles do work on the Samsung as the Serviio server shows and files loaded on a USB drive and plugged into the Samsung play subtitles and all other controls work.'

A little help would be appreciated.
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