Searching for Renders/ File not supported.

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Searching for Renders/ File not supported.

Postby masterphreak » Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:25 am

I have been having problems with PMS for about a week now but so far have been able to figure out some fixes but now I really can't find the solution. It has had problems finding renders before but now no matter how many times I restart the server or my computer it won't stop searching for renders. As well before it started to do this I was playing some videos and it started to say "File not supported" after about 2 minutes of playing, it has done this for numerous file types. I am using version 1.90.1, connected over wifi, the streaming computer and ps3 are in the same room. Log

Edit: So I had installed it as a Windows Service when I first got it, and after stopping the service it was able to find renders again and start streaming, but why did it start messing up after using it for 2 months? Also it may stream now but it is way laggier than it ever was before.
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