stereo sound issues

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stereo sound issues

Postby Wertigo » Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:20 pm

Hello there!

I'm using pms since years now, and im running into a problem on most mkv files.
The sound is not 100% stereo. It's not 100% mono either, it's just way more "narrow" than it should be. Really annoying.
Yesterday i've tested some movies with the ffmpeg codec trough the transcode folder and the sound was good with that. BUT the video was quite stuttering sadly, so that's not a workaround.
The sound is the same with the rest of the codec options. Im using headphones which are pluggen into my tv. I've unchecked the non 2ch options in ps3 audio output settings.
My pms settings are set to 2 channel stereo too, and all 3 options on the audio settings tab are uncecked.
Is there any way to fix this? Am i the nly one experiencing this issue?
BTW i'm using a professional studio soundcard(TC Impact Twin) with official driver, not sure this could make a difference or not, but might be good for you guys to know.
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