Audio Language setting

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Audio Language setting

Postby Spyke438 » Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:00 am


I got PMS and i am wondering if its possible to set it up in a way that it will always play a video on a specific language. I speak french and i want my movie to be french, my problem is that i cant find where to put that setting.
I tryed some stuff by clicing about everywhere i could with a "language" in the description, now im out of idea.

Things to know:
1-My movies plays in French on my computer (french setting available)
2-Some movies even got the language option on screen (triangle button then the music note icon)
3-The said setting isnt in all movies, some got a left, right and both sound setting insted
4-As said in the description, I'm speaking french so please try to put it into your anwser cause im very bad at computer programing stuff
5-Sorry for spelling mistake if there are any

Thanks for your help
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