Video stuttering/New to Media Server

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Video stuttering/New to Media Server

Postby ry2014 » Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:21 pm

I''ve only been using PS3 media server for a few days, so i'm still a noob. I'm watching videos on my PS3 from a laptop and using a WiFi connection. The video will stutter every couple of minutes. Heres my log:

INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.638 [main] Starting PS3 Media Server 1.90.1
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.640 [main] by shagrath / 2008-2013
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.640 [main]
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.640 [main]
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.641 [main]
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.641 [main] Build: 3a4304c72 (2013-08-17)
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.641 [main] Java: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 1.7.0_25 by Oracle Corporation
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.642 [main] OS: Windows 7 amd64 6.1
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.642 [main] Encoding: UTF-8
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.664 [main] Memory: 682 MB
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.664 [main]
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.665 [main] Working directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\PS3 Media Server
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.675 [main] Temp directory: C:\Users\Ryan\AppData\Local\Temp\ps3mediaserver
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.678 [main] Logging config file: C:\Program Files (x86)\PS3 Media Server\logback.xml
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.679 [main] debug.log: C:\ProgramData\PMS\debug.log
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.679 [main]
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.680 [main] Profile directory: C:\ProgramData\PMS
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.683 [main] Profile directory permissions: rw
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.683 [main] Profile path: C:\ProgramData\PMS\PMS.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.685 [main] Profile permissions: rw
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.685 [main] Profile name: Ryan-PC
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.686 [main]
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.686 [main] Web conf path: C:\ProgramData\PMS\WEB.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.686 [main] Web conf permissions: file not found
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:13.687 [main]
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:13.890 [pool-2-thread-1] Reading auto_update: default: false, current: true
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:14.799 [main] Reading network_interface: default: "", current: "net10"
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:14.827 [main] Reading prevents_sleep_mode: default: false, current: true
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:14.950 [main] Reading disable_subtitles: default: false, current: true
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:14.952 [main] Reading maximum_video_buffer_size: default: 200, current: 400
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:14.971 [main] Reading mencoder_remux_mpeg2: default: true, current: false
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:14.974 [main] Reading mpeg2_main_settings: default: "Automatic (Wired)", current: "Automatic (Wireless)"
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:15.060 [main] Reading autoload_external_subtitles: default: true, current: false
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:15.904 [main] Loading MediaInfo library
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.174 [main] Loaded MediaInfoLib - v0.7.62
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.181 [main] Loading renderer configurations from C:\Program Files (x86)\PS3 Media Server\renderers
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.183 [main] Loading configuration file: AirPlayer.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.191 [main] Loading configuration file: Android.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.195 [main] Loading configuration file: BlackBerryPlayBook-KalemSoftMP.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.208 [main] Loading configuration file: Bravia4500.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.214 [main] Loading configuration file: Bravia5500.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.220 [main] Loading configuration file: BraviaEX.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.230 [main] Loading configuration file: BraviaEX620.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.240 [main] Loading configuration file: BraviaHX.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.249 [main] Loading configuration file: BraviaW.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.258 [main] Loading configuration file: DirecTVHR.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.265 [main] Loading configuration file: DLinkDSM510.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.270 [main] Loading configuration file: FreeboxHD.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.274 [main] Loading configuration file: FreecomMusicPal.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.280 [main] Loading configuration file: iPad-iPhone.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.286 [main] Loading configuration file: Kuro.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.292 [main] Loading configuration file: LGST600.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.300 [main] Loading configuration file: N900.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.393 [main] Loading configuration file: NetgearNeoTV.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.400 [main] Loading configuration file: OnkyoTX-NR717.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.405 [main] Loading configuration file: OPPOBDP83.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.408 [main] Loading configuration file: OPPOBDP93.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.412 [main] Loading configuration file: Panasonic.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.419 [main] Loading configuration file: Philips.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.429 [main] Loading configuration file: PhilipsPFL.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.438 [main] Loading configuration file: PopcornHour.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.442 [main] Loading configuration file: PS3.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.447 [main] Loading configuration file: Realtek.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.451 [main] Loading configuration file: Samsung-SMT-G7400.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.456 [main] Loading configuration file: SamsungAllShare.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.460 [main] Loading configuration file: SamsungWiseLink.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.463 [main] Loading configuration file: SharpAquos.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.467 [main] Loading configuration file: Showtime3.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.473 [main] Loading configuration file: Showtime4.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.479 [main] Loading configuration file: SMP-N100.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.483 [main] Loading configuration file: SonyBluray.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.488 [main] Loading configuration file: SonyHomeTheatreSystem.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.493 [main] Loading configuration file: Streamium.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.497 [main] Loading configuration file: TelstraTbox.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.501 [main] Loading configuration file: VideoWebTV.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.505 [main] Loading configuration file: VizioSmartTV.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.511 [main] Loading configuration file: WDTVLive.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.515 [main] Loading configuration file: WMP.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.519 [main] Loading configuration file: XBMC.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.523 [main] Loading configuration file: XBOX360.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.527 [main] Loading configuration file: YamahaRXA1010.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.531 [main] Loading configuration file: YamahaRXV3900.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.535 [main] Loading configuration file: YamahaRXV671.conf
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:16.539 [main] Checking MPlayer font cache. It can take a minute or so.
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:16.540 [main] launching: win32/mplayer.exe
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:17.258 [main] launching: win32/mplayer.exe
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:17.381 [main] Done!
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:17.389 [main] Searching for plugins in C:\Program Files (x86)\PS3 Media Server\plugins
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:17.392 [main] No plugins found
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:17.417 [main] Transcoder profile AviSynth/FFmpeg will not be used because AviSynth was not found
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:17.418 [main] Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg Audio
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:17.424 [main] Registering transcoding engine: MEncoder Video
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:17.425 [main] Transcoder profile AviSynth/MEncoder will not be used because AviSynth was not found
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:17.426 [main] Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:17.429 [main] Executable of transcoder profile VLC Video not found
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:18.026 [main] FFmpeg supported protocols: [bluray, cache, concat, crypto, data, file, ftp, gopher, hls, http, httpproxy, https, mmsh, mmst, pipe, rtp, srtp, tcp, tls, udp, rtmp, rtmpe, rtmps, rtmpt, rtmpte, mms]
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.026 [main] Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg Web Video
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.028 [main] Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg Web Audio
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.030 [main] Registering transcoding engine: MEncoder Web Video
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.031 [main] Executable of transcoder profile VLC Web Video not found
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.034 [main] Registering transcoding engine: tsMuxeR
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.035 [main] Registering transcoding engine: Audio High Fidelity
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.036 [main] Executable of transcoder profile VLC Web Audio (Legacy) not found
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.037 [main] Executable of transcoder profile VLC Web Video (Legacy) not found
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.038 [main] Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg DVR-MS Remux
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.040 [main] Registering transcoding engine: dcraw Thumbnailer
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:18.117 [main] Reading ffmpeg_multithreading: default: true, current: false
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:18.118 [main] Reading ffmpeg_mux_compatible: default: true, current: false
DEBUG 2014-03-13 16:42:18.192 [main] Reading alternativeffmpegpath: default: null, current: "C:\Program Files (x86)\PS3 Media Server\win32\dvrms\ffmpeg_MPGMUX.exe"
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.252 [main] Using address / found on network interface: name:net4 (Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card)
INFO 2014-03-13 16:42:18.253 [main] Created socket: /
ERROR 2014-03-13 16:42:18.414 [main] A serious error occurred during PMS init Failed to bind to: /
at org.jboss.netty.bootstrap.ServerBootstrap.bind( ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at net.pms.PMS.init( [pms.jar:1.90.1]
at net.pms.PMS.createInstance( [pms.jar:1.90.1]
at net.pms.PMS.main( [pms.jar:1.90.1]
Caused by: Address already in use: bind
at Method) ~[na:1.7.0_25]
at Source) ~[na:1.7.0_25]
at Source) ~[na:1.7.0_25]
at Source) ~[na:1.7.0_25]
at Source) ~[na:1.7.0_25]
at ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at org.jboss.netty.bootstrap.ServerBootstrap$Binder.channelOpen( ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at<init>( ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
at org.jboss.netty.bootstrap.ServerBootstrap.bind( ~[pms.jar:1.90.1]
... 4 common frames omitted
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Re: Video stuttering/New to Media Server

Postby dukesilver » Fri Mar 14, 2014 3:28 am

I would just copy the file directly to your PS3 and play it from there instead of streaming it. This is how I do it because I always get lag when I stream too.

1. Go into PS3 Media Server on your PS3.
2. Find the file you want to watch, hit triangle, and then copy (shouldn't take too long, depends on file size/connection speed of course)
3. When it's done copying, back out of PS3 Media Server and go the video tab and watch the video you just just copied.

This way you'll be playing it directly off of your PS3 and you won't ever have to worry about lag.

After you're done watching it, you can simply delete the file if you don't want it taking up space on your PS3.
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Re: Video stuttering/New to Media Server

Postby ry2014 » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:58 pm

Thanks! That's so much easier and of course there's no stuttering.
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