TP Link AV500

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TP Link AV500

Postby HannaWSP » Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:07 am


Has anyone had experience with setting these up with PMS?

I am setting up a network where hardwiring is not an option and there are 4 x PS3's, and I can't put them wireless as the issues with HD playback will drive them insane.

I have the same devices so I can test before deploying, as it stands straight out of the box neither the PC, PMS or PS3 see each other, but as soon as I make the PS3 Wireless it works, but the PC with PMS is still sat behind the Powerline adapter, connect the PS3 back to its switch (which is running 2 x PS3's) and 1 TP link Powerline it goes again.

Phew, if I am incoherent them I apologise I have been up all night trying to sort
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