Help with hiding files from son + Radio/youtube question

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Help with hiding files from son + Radio/youtube question

Postby Anuiran » Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:41 am

My son uses my PS3 alot - and I recently showed him how to view all his favorite tv shows and such with PS3 Media server ! (I download them for him)

Anyways my question... is there any way I can hide certain folders? Because right now when he goes to videos on the PS3 it shows the folder I made for him on my computer "Jeremys tv shows!" But it also shows "C" which is basically my C drive on my computer and he has access to everything on my computer, I have alot of violent movies that I dont want him to view. (he's young) and im worried he might be able to mess things up by going through my C Drive

Is there anyway I can hide my c drive? I found out how to hide the video settings option... but yeah... thanks!

I also noticed there's a radio and youtube option, can I modify these? Because currently the radio only has french radios... can I add my own somehow x.x?

Sorry for all the questions!
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Re: Help with hiding files from son + Radio/youtube question

Postby whome » Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:45 am

Hide certain shared folders based on some rules?
Sorry no possible, server does not know an active PS3 user account. It displayes all shared folders you put in configuration.

Only "solution" I see is to install two separate PS3MS instances, each having own folder configurations. But then you must restart appropriate version each time, not very user friendly.

Radio and Youtube options in web.conf file?
Yes, you can delete and/or add own feed sources as you please. Just follow syntax shown in a file. See this thread for possible feed sources.
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