How to stream over WAN

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How to stream over WAN

Postby bdbear » Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:35 am

From F.A.Q
My server and device are on different subnets:
Per the DLNA protocol (which uses UDP broadcast packets), the server and device must be on the same subnet. The easiest way to check is if you can ping the device from the server (a successful ping typically means same subnet, at least for home networks). This issue should only really happen if you have multiple routers or managed switches in your network (in which case you'll need to bridge your routers together). If you only have a single router/switch, then you incorrectly set a manual IP address on at least one of your devices leading to a sub net mismatch.

My solution, was.

- To set up an Remote NFS (network file server) on the network were my video files were located.
- To set up an local PMS (playstation Media Server) in vmware workstation / vmware player.
- Set up an VPN server on the remote network, then connect to it on my local network.
- then mount the NTF file storage on my local PMS.

And i could play videos thats located remotely on an server, on my playstation 3 located at home. (ill create an more detailed guide to how to do this on my blog, when i got the time for it.)


To-do list

- Configure the VPN-client on the PMS server, so the setup is portable.
- turn the PS3 Media server into an portable USB stick, so its suitable for travel.
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