No rewind or fast forward options and unknown lenght of mkv

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No rewind or fast forward options and unknown lenght of mkv

Postby Hubert » Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:54 pm


I'm trying to use PMS as a tool for watching videos at my tv (Philips 6008k), stored on PC.
My problem is that when I try to watch transcoded file using the newest PMS (v. 1.90), I cannot rewind the movie or use fast forward. Also cannot skip at any direction. If I press any of this option on remote controller, the movie (every video file) is starting from the beginning. The only thing I can do is to pause the video and play again. In the place that usually the lenght of video is displayed, all I can see is just "--:--".

These problems doesn't exist when I watch regular, not transcoded videos, although I cannot display polish subtitles then.

In older versions (1.54, 1.82) while playing the video file the displayed lenght is not proper, eg. movie is 45 minutes and I can see that lenght time is changing between 23 and 25 minutes, the progress bar also does not reflect the real progress. And when i try to rewind or ff, it is not working properly as well.

Anyone can help with proper transcode settings or can solve this issue in some other way?
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