Another subtitle question

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Another subtitle question

Postby cbjfan2009 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:03 pm

I watch American movies with English audio that sometimes contain spoken foreign language that I want to be subtitled as I watch through my PS3. Example: Elysium has large segments with spoken Spanish that is subbed and Captain Phillips has segments spoken in...whatever Somalians speak -Somali to be subbed, but none of the English needs to be subbed.

My understanding is that PS3 does not recognize external subtitles.
1) Does this mean that if I have "Video.mkv &", then PS3 cannot access the .srt file and render the text while I watch? I assume this to be the meaning.
2) That being said, PS3 Media Server (PMS) can 'remux' my "Video.mkv &" into one actively streaming file that my PS3 can access/display, with all the .srt file's text shown on my TV? That is, ONLY when the .srt file has the exact same name as the .mkv file.
3) If I have an mkv file with a subtitle track in the container: Video.mkv has foreign language subtitled (Forced, I've seen it called elsewhere), how do I engage those during PS3 playback?
4) Under which scenario does the solution include Memcoder and which includes tsMuxeR? tsMuxeR is the solution to question 2 and Memcoder to question 3?
I've googled all these questions as I've typed them and keep getting sent to links about disabling subs and stuff I don't see relating....
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Re: Another subtitle question

Postby cbjfan2009 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:24 pm

Update: i just tried opening Captain Phillips.mkv through the transcode folder, selected the option that included (DTS and subs "Forced"). During playback the video had subs for the Somali parts, but the video skipped all around.
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Re: Another subtitle question

Postby ExSport » Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:38 am

1-3) PS3 doesn't support external or internal subtitles nor MKV container so PMS have to transcode video and burn subs inside so you can see them.
In this case you can't remux but must transcode(re-encode). It means your CPU have to be sufficient for realtime conversion so it can feed PS3 with data fast enough.
If your buffer in PMS not empty when you are seeing judder, most probably problem is network. Transcoded video is up to 10times larger so 20Mbit h.264 stream changes up to 200Mbit MPEG2 stream.
When you are using WIFI, it is no go without limiting quality/bandwidth. So you have to set bandwidth limit in PMS and also it is good to lower final quality little bit (for transcoded video it is impossible to use "losless" quality and 10Mbit bandwidth limit).
In short: judder is in most cases your CPU or network can't feed PS3 fast enough with data.
If you want to load forced subs automatically you should check this link, quite obsolete but you should understand the logic and and naming convention:
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