PMS not showing on PS3 even when "connected"

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PMS not showing on PS3 even when "connected"

Postby GenesisAria » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:34 am

There are 2 machines in my house which use PS3 Media Server for different things and they'd both been working just fine for the longest time. Then one day one of them just stopped showing up on the PS3's media server list. The other machine (not mine) still shows both it's PMS and windows media server. (i've had my wms disabled for years)
I have tried everything i can think of under the sun from reinstalling to restarting systems to changing and forcing network settings (including on the ps3) however the other machine's PMS shows up instantly and without trouble. I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I've searched extensively and found no answers or leads.

-PMS [info] logs seem to be normal (stuff loads and connects etc)
-PMS shows connected to the PS3, and even displays the connection speed
-PS3 does not show this machine's PS3 media server (manual scans only show the other machine)
-restarting doesn't help. nor does forcing IP/port/renderer

Both machines are on Win7 amd64, same router which the ps3 is hooked up through powerline internet to. I do have Hamachi but it has never posed a problem in the past and i haven't even use it in weeks. Firewall is disabled. I'd rather leaving messing with the router as a last resort as it isn't mine.

Code: Select all
hostname =
generate_thumbnails = true
image_thumbnails = true
alternativeffmpegpath = D:\\Program Files\\PS3 Media Server\\win32\\dvrms\\ffmpeg_MPGMUX.exe
mencoder_ass = true
mencoder_fontconfig = true
mencoder_ass_defaultstyle = true
uuid = 9f204cf3-4ee6-4674-a938-616fd4a227a7
engines = avsmencoder,ffmpegaudio,tsmuxeraudio,ffmpegwebvideo,mencoderwebvideo,ffmpegwebaudio,ffmpegdvrmsremux,rawthumbs
folders = H:\\,G:\\Documents\\Video,G:\\Downloads\\Files
hide_extensions = true
mpeg2_main_settings = keyint=25:vqmax=6:vqmin=3
maximum_video_buffer_size = 400
chapter_support = true
audio_remux_ac3 = false
subtitle_languages = jpn,eng,und
audio_languages =
prevents_sleep_mode = true
avisynth_script = <movie>\u0001<sub>
network_interface = eth3
renderer_default = PlayStation 3
renderer_force_default = false
port = 5002
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Re: PMS not showing on PS3 even when "connected"

Postby Blackthorne » Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:57 pm

I am having the exact same issue, tho I have just reimaged the machine and then installed fresh. Nothing I do will get the PMS to show up on the list on the PS3. But I can clearly see it registered in PMS with the correct IP address etc.
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Re: PMS not showing on PS3 even when "connected"

Postby Blackthorne » Sun Jan 19, 2014 4:04 pm

Update. I unchecked "Show iTunes Folder" and everything went right back to normal. Only thing I changed on the new install compared to the old install.
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