Solution For 1.90.1 And Corrupt Data MKV's

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Solution For 1.90.1 And Corrupt Data MKV's

Postby Morph247 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:23 pm

Well after closely looking into a strange problem I was having with the newest PS3 Media Server, I finally was able to fix it with some older codecs as a work around. Problem I was having I couldn't play any of my MKV's rather then give me a data corruption error.

As most people stated, 1.70 is the working one as it did for even me.

So I though to myself, it has to be a codec that's creating the problem.

So I went into the directory that PS3 Media Server is in, and copied / backed up the win32 folder which of course has all the older codecs and what not on it.

Uninstalled 1.70 and reinstalled 1.90.1 back on and copied / over wrote the win32 folder and walla, it worked. I am able to watch all movies // mkv's :)

So the steps:

1. Install 1.70, back up win32 folder
2. Uninstall 1.70
3. Install 1.90.1
4. Copy win32 overwrite files
5. Run and host / play :)

May or may not work for everyone, but did for me, and I hope it works for those that have same issue as I did.
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Re: Solution For 1.90.1 And Corrupt Data MKV's

Postby mazey » Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:41 am

so its the engine problem and not code specific, well the engines (mencoder/ffmpeg) have been updated in the snapshot build, so when the next release comes out it should fix it also if it was specific to broken code in the engines or whatnot, the engines havent been updated since 1.80 to 1.90.1 but with the next release they would have been updated. so hopefully the devs push out a release soon, im pretty confident its been fixed since i always update my engines to the latest manually and never had any issues playing mkvs. the next release will truly be something though since the engines are way more efficient now then the old ones pms has been using for so many releases now. im sure it will solve so many problems for people.
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